Reliable EarSmart© Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

A sound investment!

Reliable EarSmart© Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

A sound investment!

Reliable EarSmart© Custom-Fit Hearing Protection


NRR 29dB (solid)

Designed to provide maximum protection in high-noise areas. Preferred where conversational contact with a co-worker is not a priority. Available in a variety of colors, with or without a cord.


NRR 21dB (filtered)

Protection from noise while allowing the frequency of normal conversation to be heard.  Co-workers can TalkEZ to each other without first having to remove their hearing protection.

Improved speech recognition over previous models.


NRR 28/21dB (convertible)

Modified TalkEZ plus can easily convert from a filtered to a solid. A detachable cord makes conversion a snap.
Also  popular  on work-sites where a hanging cord  may be a safety issue.


NRR 27dB (sleepers)

Not only great for shift-workers but also credited with saving many a relationship!

The SleepEZ is designed to promote comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

EarSmart©Custom-Fit Hearing Protection Questions & Answers

Why Choose Custom?
Depending on the noise environment, over-protection can be just as dangerous as not being protected at all. Reliable EarSmart© provides a better fit, seal & comfort level. Through the use of different styles, options and filters, we can better match an earpiece to the individual needs of the worker.
How long until delivery?
It generally takes 3-4 weeks from the time the impressions are sent to the lab for you to receive them.
How long do they last?
Made of medical grade silicone the suggested life span is 5 years; however the earpieces themselves can last longer. Significant weight loss/gain and aging are 2 factors that could potentially change the shape of your ear canal enough that the seal could be impacted.

Reliable offers a 60 day fit right guarantee against any problems with the fit/seal and a 3 year warranty against any defects with the product.

How do I clean them?
Simple soap & water is all that’s needed to clean them, they are not to be submerged if they have a filter.
What happens if I need replacements?
The lab makes a digital impression which makes re-orders a breeze. It’s suggested that the impressions get redone every 4 years.
Are they cost effective?
The average worker goes through 2+ sets of disposable plugs during an 8hr shift at an approximate cost of .25 per set. Multiply that by 260 working days a year and it will cost the company roughly $650 to provide disposable plugs to each employee over a 5 year span.